Lutherie Internship :
Electric guitar or bass building workshop with a luthier in Toulouse !

For guitarists who want to get their hands dirty, NW Guitars offers a guitar or bass electric building workshop in Toulouse.

The idea behind the guitar building workshop is to spend 6 days in the workshop with Nicolas, the luthier. He will guide you through the entire process of building your guitar during the week.

From the solid body construction to the finishing touches, including the carving of the neck, you will build your own electric guitar or bass.

*Accommodation is available just 1 minute from the workshop! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information!

Make your guitar the way you want it…

You have a choice among several wood species such as alder, mahogany, padouk, ash, cedar, maple, or rosewood. There are several options for the body shape, including the possibility of a custom shape. You also have a range of different hardware and parts to configure the guitar to your liking.

Guitarists know how important it is to feel comfortable on the neck of a guitar. Since you are the one in control, you decide on the shape of the neck’s curve, as well as when its size and shape suit you best, for ideal playability.

The quality of the lutherie and its assembly defines the sound of your instrument. Electronics also play a significant role, so you decide on the model of pickups to install in your guitar or bass. Nicolas takes care of getting them, but it’s always you who wields the soldering iron during the guitar or bass building stage!

For the finish, it’s essential to protect the beautifully crafted wood. You can opt for a natural wood finish or stain it if you prefer colored instruments.

Content and conditions of the guitar building workshop:

  • All materials are provided, including wood, hardware, consumables, tools… you just need to bring yourself!
  • Making the neck and fretboard
  • Fretting and levelling
  • Carving the neck profile
  • Building the guitar body, beveling and shaping
  • Routing for pickups, electronics, neck pocket and bridge
  • Finishing, assembly and setup of the guitar

Prices and duration of the guitar building workshop:

A guitar-making workshop requires 6 days of work on the instrument.

The price for the guitar-making workshop starts from 1900€, and the bass-making workshop starts from 2000€. All parts, wood, glues, products, and consumables are provided. Any chosen options will be priced on a quote.

For the price of a high-end guitar, come and make your own in our lutherie workshop!

For more information, please contact us to inquire about our guitar-making workshops.

Lutherie Workshop: Accommodation

For aspiring luthiers coming from afar, you can get in touch with Rosy, the owner of a bed and breakfast located 1km away from the workshop.

She offers a comfortable and affordable place to stay during your guitar making training.

For more information and reservations, please visit the website:

Stage fabrication guitare à Toulouse France
custom shop twitch luthier toulouse guitares sur mesure, guitare électrique solidbody manche vissé collé ou traversant, micros simple ou humbucker, vibrato ou chevalet fixe

Follow the daily life of the workshop for free on Twitch!

Always with the aim of sharing my passion for luthiery, you can regularly find me live on my Twitch channel. You can simply enjoy the live stream or participate in the chat to react, ask questions, or just get to know other users. On the schedule are guitar and bass builds, adjustments and various repairs, 3D design on software, and other surprises related to guitar luthiery.