Luthier-Crafted NW Series Electric Guitars

NW Guitars is an electric guitar luthier based in Toulouse, France. Specializing in the creation of custom and customizable guitars, NW Guitars also offers a range of series electric guitar models, all proudly Made in France.

NW Guitars’ series electric guitars are crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as the custom models. Each guitar is made using high-quality materials chosen for their sound quality and durability.

Luthier-crafted electric guitars of various styles

NW Guitars’ series of electric guitar models are available in a variety of styles, ranging from classic single cuts to the more modern double cuts. Each of these models boasts unique features that set it apart from the others, from the woods used for the body and neck to the pickups and hardware.

The finishes of NW Guitars’ series guitars are also remarkable. Each model is available in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. Customization options for each model are also available, allowing musicians to choose features that best suit their playing style and aesthetics.

High-end hardware

In addition to their unique features, NW Guitars’ series guitars provide exceptional sound quality. The pickups and electronic circuits are carefully selected and adjusted to deliver the best possible tone. NW Guitars’ series guitars are also equipped with high-quality hardware, such as Hipshot tuners and flat-mount bridges from the French brand Trovato Hardware, ensuring exemplary stability and accuracy.

NW Guitars’ series of electric guitars are high-quality instruments designed and crafted in France with passion and expertise. Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate enthusiast, an NW Guitars series guitar is a reliable choice for exceptional sound and unmatched craftsmanship.

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Made in France, premium hardware

Strings Made in France, locally sourced components, we strive to collaborate extensively with local artisans to offer instruments with impeccable finishes.

Why Choose a Luthier Guitar?

NW Guitars guitars are all manufactured according to a very specific set of specifications. Each model is carefully studied and customized to ensure assembly quality following precise measurements, along with meticulously detailed finishes for high-end instruments.

Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcements
Guitar neck stability is crucial. All guitars are crafted with a dual-action Truss Rod and carbon reinforcements. This combination enhances neck straightness, string height, and long-term tuning stability.
Custom Body/Neck Fitting
The Body/Neck Joint is crucial. Each neck is custom-fitted to the body, whether it’s bolt-on or glued, to optimize contact and vibration transmission. Glued neck heels can be sculpted for better access to the 24th fret.
Choose the guitar that reflects you.
All guitars are customizable. Choose a model and options that bring you joy. That’s it! Wood types, flat bridge, tremolo, single-coil or humbucker pickups, vintage or modern style, electronic wiring, standard or stainless steel frets…

How I became an electric guitar luthier

Passionate about music from a young age, I began my musical journey when I discovered the guitar, not yet knowing that it would become the guiding thread of my life. Over the years, I joined various musical formations where the joy of collaborating with other musicians further fueled my passion. This led me to get closer to the music world by joining a music store in Toulouse, where I could combine my passion with my work. These enriching four years allowed me to interact with numerous musicians, listen to their needs, and familiarize myself with various other instruments, including bass and drums.

Eager to share my passion for the guitar, I later decided to offer private guitar lessons (both acoustic and electric) for 10 years in the Toulouse region, all while using my free time to deepen my knowledge in lutherie.

Thus, I delved into guitar and bass setups and repairs while embarking on my initial guitar crafting projects, which eventually paved my path towards becoming a luthier. This self-taught journey demanded a considerable amount of time and dedication (as is the case with any passion), allowing me to learn through hands-on experience, much like a guitarist learning to play music. For the past 7 years, I’ve been crafting guitars and basses, offering setups and repairs in my workshop in Pins Justaret.

Since 2020, I’ve expanded my educational efforts by offering luthier workshops, enabling me once again to share my passion and expertise with musicians who are eager to learn. Guitarists and bassists now have the opportunity to spend a week in my workshop, crafting their instruments from scratch alongside me, following a set of specifications that align with their dream guitars.

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Follow the daily life of the workshop for free on Twitch!

Continuing in the spirit of sharing my passion for lutherie, you can regularly find me live on my Twitch channel. You can simply enjoy the livestream or participate in the chat to react, ask questions, or just connect with other viewers. The content includes guitar and bass crafting, setups, various repairs, 3D design using software, and other guitar luthier-related surprises.