Guitar & bass
setup and repair

Setup and repair services for guitar are offered at the workshop for all types of guitars and basses.

It may be necessary to adjust a guitar when changing the string gauge, depending on the guitarist’s usage, storage, and variations in temperature and humidity.

Wood is a living material, and it expands and contracts to varying degrees depending on the types of tonewoods used in the construction, and the type of finish, whether it be oiled or varnished.

I offer a complete guitar setup package to ensure that your instrument performs at its best in terms of comfort and intonation.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment for any setup or guitar repair.

Setup and repair services for classical or acoustic guitars

Adjustment of string heights at the bridge saddle and nut to achieve the best playing comfort.

A complete cleaning, fret polishing, and guitar string replacement are included in the guitar maintenance package.

I also take care to inspect the tuning machines, preamp or pickups, and the inside of the guitar body, to ensure that no braces or reinforcements are broken or detached, and to detect any cracks or other anomalies that could affect the longevity of the guitar.

Réglages & réparations de guitare classique cordes nylon à Toulouse.
Réglages & réparations de guitare folk chez le luthier NW Guitars à Toulouse.

Setup and repair services for acoustic or folk guitars

The setup of a folk guitar is similar to a classical guitar, with the added possibility of adjusting the neck relief.

This adjustment is made using the Truss Rod that runs through the neck of the acoustic guitar to compensate for the string tension.

The complete cleaning, fret polishing, string replacement, string height adjustment, guitar mechanical inspection, electronics check, as well as the bracing and reinforcement structures are included.

Setup and repair services for electric guitars and basses

 The electric guitar setup package includes:

  • String change
  • Trussrod adjustment (neck adjustment)
  • Bridge adjustment (guitar saddle, scale length adjustment)
  • Nut adjustment (string height)
  • Single or humbucker pickup adjustment
  • Electronics check and cleaning
  • Fret polishing
  • Guitar cleaning.

Fretboard conditioning with appropriate oil is included for every type of guitar with ebony or rosewood fretboards.

Note that there is no such thing as “huile de citron” (lemon oil) … the famous Lemon oil found in music stores is closer to an essence than an oil! Please contact me for more information.

electric guitar setup and repair

The history of the luthier workshop

After my studies in mechanics, I decided to get closer to the musical world by working in a music store. These four years allowed me to meet many musicians and listen to their needs. After that, I decided to offer private guitar lessons for 10 years. I used my free time to develop my knowledge in lutherie. I developed guitar adjustments and repairs, as well as started my first guitar making projects.

This self-taught training requires time and a lot of investment. But it allowed me to learn through practice, just like a musician learning music. I have been building guitars and basses and offering adjustments and repairs in my workshop in Pins Justaret for 7 years. Since 2020, I have continued my teaching by offering lutherie workshops. Guitarists and bassists can spend a week in the workshop to fully build their own instrument.

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Follow the daily life of the workshop for free on Twitch!

Always with the aim of sharing my passion for luthiery, you can regularly find me live on my Twitch channel. You can simply enjoy the live stream or participate in the chat to react, ask questions, or just get to know other users. On the schedule are guitar and bass builds, adjustments and various repairs, 3D design on software, and other surprises related to guitar luthiery.